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We create with passion and integrity, have clients throughout the world that trust us wholeheartedly and value our work, and we produce outcomes that empower our clients to do what they do best, better.

Our mission is simple: Listen. Create. Empower. Impact


  • Create meaningful work
  • Cultivate a sense of community
  • Embrace a dynamic and multifaceted approach to marketing
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Create in a renovated building nestled in the heart of a thriving and emerging business district
  • Target opportunities for mentorship and growth – both personally and professionally


We get it. There’s life at work and life, well, elsewhere. We want our team to have the ability to invest time into their families and communities as well as their professional lives, while having the resources and support they need. 

Life First: Life happens. Which is why even though our office hours are structured around an 8:30am-5pm schedule, we have a very clear understanding that things happen when you least expect. Take care of what you need to – both at work and at home. When you apply that philosophy, things seem to work out just fine every single time.

Paid Time Off: It’s important to take breaks and recharge in this business. Our policy covers down time with a generous holiday schedule and paid time off to cover vacations, illnesses, and emergencies (aka Life).

Professional & Personal Development: Investing in our team’s knowledge and mastery of the field is important. We often identify opportunities for team members to enhance skills they already have or develop new ones as they are relevant to their career goals.

Competitive Pay: Fair compensation is important for any role and we ensure that our team members are compensated fairly for the value and experience they provide to our agency. We are a Living Wage Certified business.

Future Savings: Let’s face it… nobody wants to work forever. Which is why we want our team members to take advantage of our SIMPLE IRA and 3% company match program.

Wellness: Being healthy – both physically and mentally – is what keeps everything going in life. Which is why you might find one of us meditating on the couch or cycling around the area during our lunch break. We support what it takes to maintain an active and balanced lifestyle.


Formation is proud to be a Living Wage certified employer.