You have something to say. We can help you say it. Sometimes – well, all the time – it takes the right tone, relationship and approach to land a strong pitch. Let us do that for you and get your story out there.

Our corporate clients rely on us to be their media relations expert. We manage the relationships so that when your story breaks (good or bad), we’re there for you and the media isn’t suddenly ringing up the CEO looking for a quote. We also work on getting that press release written in such a way that when we send it out, it gets picked up. That takes relationship building and an understanding of how the media works and what they want to cover. In other words, we do our homework.

Nobody wants to really talk about this one, but let’s face it, in this age of digital media and citizen journalism, a crisis can – and does – happen to the best of us. What do you do? If you already have us in your contact list or on retainer, we are already one step ahead of you because we practice proactive crisis management. If there’s even a hint of something about to pop, we’ll know it and be ready with holding statements, speakers prepped, and sources ready. If we’re called in after the fact, we can help you weather the storm and put a plan in place to build a bridge to positive brand perception.

We know our clients pretty well – so well in fact that we’re on alert when someone or a group of someones starts stirring up trouble. We’re monitoring your channels and your platforms. We’re looking for opportunities to establish relevance and we’re positioning you positively so that if something negative pops up (see crisis communications above), we’re on it and deflecting before it has a chance to take root.

When you have a business ready to launch or a new product ready to unveil, you want a partner who can help you garner attention and engage your audiences in an authentic way. Our team is skilled at event planning, management and execution. We engage media in advance and prepare your spokespersons so that they can eloquently and meaningfully share your story. Our design team can also assist in creating materials and collateral that pull it all together.