We Know...

To build better brand recognition and reframe Blue Ridge Community College as a competitive higher education choice for high school students, Formation created the We Know campaign. The campaign consisted of multiple marketing strategies including: revised web content; new design images for web, Facebook, and print ads; individual program rack cards; revised media buys and ad placements including print, radio and billboards; and, most importantly, a shift in the brand story. 

Before the first concept was ever discussed or ad created, Formation held a marketing boot camp with representatives from Blue Ridge Community College including department directors and members of their Board of Directors to determine the college’s marketing needs. During the boot camp, it became apparent that in addition to increasing class enrollment, Blue Ridge was facing an identity crisis. 

They had long been thought of as “Blue Ridge Tech” and in reality, they were far from that old perception and in need of an update. Formation recognized that our job was going to be to find new and more meaningful ways to communicate and showcase the quality and value of the programs offered, while also showcasing their relevance in today’s job market.

The Flat Rock Park Foundation

The Flat Rock Park Foundation sought out the branding and capital campaign experience of Formation in early 2017. The Foundation was launching a capital campaign to raise $300,000 for an additional 1.4 miles of trails at The Park at Flat Rock. At that time, the Foundation had minimal marketing materials and no website. Formation developed a targeted campaign strategy that would establish a brand and web presence for the Foundation, while also creating marketing materials that could be used at campaign events and in targeted direct mail campaigns.

To make the connection between the Park and the people in the community who support it, our clients requested donor stories that could be used in a variety of settings. Formation used donor images in concert with their unique stories to create posters and digital snapshots that could be used across multiple platforms. Since the donor stories were displayed in the Park, Formation worked with a local print vendor to print on a PVC material that would protect these visual stories from the elements. Digital versions can be found on the Flat Rock Park Foundation website.