to your audience.

public relations

The art of managing relationships and audience perception is not a one-and-done sort of thing. While we can assist with a single press release, ongoing client engagement is where we really hit our stride. Smart PR takes time – usually six months at a minimum – to get meaningful results. We stay updated on topical discussions and innovations, so that when we see a connection to our client’s work, we can act quickly. Together, we work with clients through an array of services to shape practical, customized and turnkey plans of action that yield long term results.


Want to tell your story? Trust us to find the right tone, relationship, and approach to land a strong pitch that
leaves everyone wanting more.


We understand how the media works and what they want to cover. We manage relationships, so when your story breaks (good or bad), we’re immediately there for you. As storytellers, our editorial content gets results thanks to years of relationship building and demonstrated by a strong rate of publication.

reputation management:

We know our clients well – so well in fact that we’re on alert at the first hint of trouble. We keep a close eye on your channels and platforms and find opportunities to establish relevance and position you positively. If something negative pops up, we’re on it and deflecting before it has a chance to take root.