our mission is simple:

Listen. Create. Empower. Impact.

Our work together begins by digging in and understanding everything we possibly can about you in order to create something really amazing. Along the way, we hope we empower you and your team so that in the long run, we all make a positive impact in the world around us.

Our clients work in healthcare, non-profits management, public health, higher education, and the legal field. We also have this wildly positive relationship with regional planning organizations and councils of governments across the country. Client needs may vary, but usually it all comes down to crafting the right message, tone, or creative imagery needed to communicate with their audiences.

The Formation PR + Brand team works mostly in beautiful western North Carolina, but we also do our work from upstate South Carolina and Connecticut. Our clients have operations in California, Washington, D.C., and right next door to us. Because we are mission driven, location does not factor in. It is quite simply about the client.

Public relations.

Your relationships matter.

The PR team at Formation understands just how important your relationships with your audiences are. Before we take on any new PR client, we make sure that all of us are on the same page with respect to goals, outcomes, and measures of success. We spend a lot of time listening in on what matters to you, and to the folks you’re trying to influence. Our success is tied directly to your goals. Your goals and desired outcomes are what enable us to create an impactful PR plan that maximizes your inherent value, message, and place in the world.  To make sure we’re tracking, our clients receive routine reports highlighting PR efforts, placements, mentions, and  pitches.

Our work consists of the usual mix of PR items. We are skilled at fielding media questions, gaining media placements, and handling the unforeseen events that result in the need for crisis communication. We understand media relations and carefully nurture our networks. Our clients benefit from our understanding and experience in thoughtfully crafting the right pitch, and knowing when to pull back or develop the concept further. Successful PR is an investment of time and resources. We want to make sure we’re honoring both in equal measure.


What is a Brand?

It’s a common question that we get from clients. For us, it’s more than just your logo, although that is a major component of the brand. The brand is what people (your clients, perhaps) think about you when you’re not around or when they don’t even see your logo. They may hear your name and have a specific thought. We want to make sure that thought is not only a good one, but the right strategic message that we’ve been able to create through our process.

Sure, our design team can deliver a great new logo for you, complete with design guidelines, key collateral, and items needed to bring that new logo to life – without going deep into the world of branding. We understand that for some of our clients, this may be all that is needed. For those clients, we’ve created a logo package option to make that process efficient and relatively easy.

For clients who need to go further and really want to develop their brand, we can help. Our branding team pulls in our strategic communications team to get started. We begin with a communications workshop, sort of like a boot camp for your team only there’s no heavy sweating involved and chocolate may be consumed. The strategic communications team develops an understanding of the organization’s goals, structure, audience, and measures of success. All of that information evolves into a summary report that goes to the design team to begin their work. The strategic communications team starts on the communication plan, continuing to check in with design to make sure new findings, thoughts, and ideas are incorporated or tweaked in order to deliver an impactful brand and brand strategy that will engage and inspire action.